A Mother’s Love

How can one describe the love a mother has for her child? Unbounded. Infinite. Absolute. Yes, but not nearly sufficient. There are certain things that the human mind cannot grasp or define. The concept of God is one of these. Infinity is another. In our primal need for explanation we invent words, shorthand, for these concepts. But these words are not explanations. They are merely placeholders or ellipses to allow us to skip over what cannot be known or explained so that we may continue with the business of living. Love, especially the love of a mother for a child and the love of a child for her mother, is as indefinable as God, as unexplainable as time before time, as unknowable as space never ending. What Hypatia, Sophia, did know was that looking into the bright, hopeful, green eyes, watching the helpless, tiny arms, the curled little legs and the miniature feet, listening to the coos and sucks and, yes, even cries of little Maggie opened in her a new level of love and understanding. She gently pressed a finger against every inch of Maggie, watching the child’s responses, learning the child’s body and personality. How many hours were spent simply staring in wonder at her little girl? How many times did Hypatia, exhausted, lay the child down to sleep, only to be overcome with the desire to wake her up again five minutes later? How much joy did she receive from Maggie’s smiles, her contentment, the love she returned? Unbounded. Infinite. Absolute.


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